Updates on Internship

Updates on Internship

The internship process has been slow for me thus far. I have been working with two different associations. The first being St. Martin Heritage Park on designing, developing, and modifying their latest website. it was going slow at the beginning but it eventually sped up where I got to a point where I was comfortable with the pass. Photos was the only thing that was holding the process up, with weather changes and time constraints, we decided to use photos that they had from previous years that reflected the current season.

Secondly, I have been working with a UX designer and SEO specialist that takes pride in her designs. With Kim2Design, I have been gaining more knowledge with SEO and going in depth to make sure it scores high with search engines. I learned that it even comes down to keywords that are incorporated in your body text and that each keyword has it own rating to determine how effective it is. We have just finished up on a website for a business association that is located in downtown Nashville. Through out the whole process, I got use to working with someone else that has different design ideas, at first it was kind of rocky but after a little while things smoothed out.

After my couple of experiences so far in the business industry, I look forward to working with more genuine people and getting to know the industry even better.

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  1. Caleb

    Sounds like you have some encouraging leads! I hope they work out for you. What has been the most challenging part of finding people to work with?

    1. admin

      The hardest thing that I have found is finding clients, with being in an area where I am at can be difficult. Sometimes however, you have to change up you tactics to find some and look outside of your area.

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