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Broad Spectrum Web Development & Design

Building for your specific needs.


Affordable and user-friendly WordPress designs. Allowing clients to update their own websites with no coding knowledge needed.

Static Websites

Quick and easy websites that shows off the uniqueness of your company while being less bulky.


The incorporation of SEO into either you WordPress site or Static site helps customers find you way easier.


All the designs that I offer are fully responsive for any device that your customers are carrying. Whether it be a table or mobile phone.


With plugins on WordPress, I can convert your website to a store for your customers. This can also be done with new websites.

Adobe CC

If you need a refresh of your current media or new media for your site, I have the means of delivering high quality images and logos.

Keeping up with Design Trends.

With being halfway through 2019, trends are changing frequently. Allowing for wider design options that keep your customers captivated leading them to coming back time and time again.

A trend that has been going on for a while now is building websites for responsive design and Mobile-First. While responsive design is when a desktop website is designed so it can be viewed on smaller mobile devices, Mobile-First is designing a website for mobile then up scaling it for tablets and desktop views.

When designing either responsiveness or mobile-first into a websites, its important to also keep in mind when navigating around that site. Some designs to avoid are the use of hover affects for buttons or links. These don’t work when being used with a mobile device, also keep in mind that buttons and links need to be easy to click on with your thumb. So, the size shouldn’t be too small and not too large where it looks weird.

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Search Engine Optimization

A main reason people use the internet, particularly search engines, is to find solutions to a problem, issue or concern they are having. While they are skimming over for answers or solutions, three quarters of the time their results are from organic results. From these leads, the close rate is roughly 14 percent which is 14 times higher close rate than from email marketing and print advertising. Without out internet visibility, your target customers won’t be able to find you. SEO provides you with a strong online presence that will better your business’s growth.

Web Development

Starting in the third quarter of 2017, I started the IT program for Web Development and Design. This was the first step to my passion of becoming a full stack developer. Now two years later, I have finally reached that goal and far more.

Web Design

I started working with design 11 years ago, this was the first time that I have ever used Adobe applications. I have sense developed my skills in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Premiere. This provides me with being able to offer excellent looking photos and sites.

Web Security

To make sure that your website doesn’t come under attack from hackers, web security is a must for any website. Besides working with security in class, I have utilized security in all the websites that I have designed and developed.

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